Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day Off

After a long hiatus that was probably too long, hello again.

In the time since I last posted in October many things have happened. Many-a-splendid thing, indeed!

Justin and I moved from Kowloon to Hong Kong Island and I got a job and the weather got nice and I visited Macao and saw the Grand Prix and I went swimming in the South China Sea and saw The Flaming Lips and Gorillaz perform and, and, and there's just too much for me to write about.

I'm working at VERO, a Hong Kong chocolate company that has really delicious treats that I get to bring home and sneak all day! I started as a server at their lounge (which was a great learning experience) and moved to their new location at this fancy-pants mall to sell their stuff. They needed a native English speaker to talk to customers. Fine with me. Our store is a prime people-watching spot. So many amazingly dresses people. Haha, I  served a major Hong Kong celebrity and had no idea who she was. The girl I as working with was flippin out as I asked "name please?" to take her cake order. So silly.

I just moved to office work yesterday. As I said, they wanted me for my english. Now I am writing all brochures, catalouges, flyers, promotions, etc. Its fun! They told me to be cheeky. No problem.

Tra, la, la...

Our old View in Jordan

Thursday, October 28, 2010


So it's finally cooling down here and the weather has me thinking about fall back home. Last night I dreamed that I was outside in the damp and chilly New England weather and now I miss it. Damn this tropical weather! It was about 70 degrees here yesterday (which felt great, by the way) and people were out in down jackets and scarves. Good thing they celebrate Halloween in a big way here. I'm not sure what I would do if they didn't.

I want to carve a pumpkin and watch scary movies.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Finally, some easy enjoyment for you all! These are shots I took in Kowloon with a beautiful new camera. Enjoy.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

I'm Back!

Hi, everyone! I'm so sorry that I've taken such a long break from blogging. I just returned from a trip to Malaysia and Singapore and I didn't have a real keyboard to type on while I was away (only had an iPad) so I figured I would wait to give you all the updates.

Malaysia and Singapore are both very interesting and VERY different places. Since I visited Malaysia first I'll begin my entry with  an explanation about my adventures there.

The Muslim population in Malaysia is incredibly large. This may seem like a strange observation to start off with, but as an American coming from the U.S. and all its hoopla surrounding Islam I couldn't help but feel fascinated.  Pork is hard to find on Malaysian menus, Mosques are everywhere and most women wear traditional Islamic garb, albeit in varying degrees. I spent the majority of my first day in Kuala Lumpur at the city's National Museum of Islamic Art. It was wonderful. The museum's permanent collection includes impressive scaled-down models of all the major Mosques in the world as well as beautiful Qur'ans, scrolls, traditional Islamic clothing and textiles, jewlery, metal wears and so much more. I really learned a lot! Did you know that Mecca can fit as many as 1 million people inside its walls? I sure didn't. The museum's temporary exhibit featured Islamic jewelry. IMPRESSIVE. The largest and most valuable ruby in the world is there. Its inscribed with Islamic text and weighs in at about 130 karats. Remember the giant red forbidden jewel in Disney's Aladdin Cave of Wonders scene? That's what the ruby reminded me of.

I also toured the world's largest aviary while in KL and saw some funky birds and later visited Malaysia's Batu Caves. A 140-foot-tall, gold Lord Muruganis statue (its Hindu) stands at the foot of the caves' entrance (the largest statue of its kind in the world). In order to enter the caves you must climb 272 steps. I thought I was dying at about stair #100. A group of funny African dudes made fun of me and my lack of cardiovascular abilities... The caves' interiors are decorated with Hindu statues and shrines. They are grimy and tacky and oh so wonderfully Asian! However, there was a sort of tranquility  and calming nature to it all. Tons of monkeys hang out in and around the caves and I was afraid they were going to pee on me or steal my sunglasses or something.

Singapore was pretty cool as well. I ATE SO MUCH. Alex and Eric Cassella: Thank you for the pointers. The food I ate was so delicious. However, Singapore is way too expensive for my taste and although there are really great parts of the city it was a little boring at times. Its a very pretty city and very clean. The taxi's are cheap and the people there are incredibly friendly but I think I prefer the grit and grime and hustle and bustle of Hong Kong. I also drank a lot while in Singapore. I particularly enjoyed the Raffles Hotel Singapore Sling. You may have heard of the cocktail. It was invented at the Raffels back in the good ol' days of British imperialism. Originally a ladies drink, the Singapore Sling became a classic Sigaporean staple. I wrote down the ORIGINAL recipe for all of you! They are really yummy. Here it is:

Raffels Hotel Original Singapore Sling
  • 30 mL Gin
  • 15 mL Cherry Heering
  • 7.5 mL Cointreau
  • 120 mL Sarawak Pineapple Juice
  • 15 mL Lime Juice
  • 10 mL Grenadine
  • A dash of Angostura bitters
  • Garnish with a slice of pineapple and a cherry
Shake. Add a few ice cubes. Enjoy!

Sorry that I don't have any pictures. My camera went missing right before we left. However, Justin's beautiful camera just arrived all fixed and new from the shop so I will be able to put up more photos from now on! Yay!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Crazy Sale!

While perusing Hong Kong's many winding streets and shopping districts it is not uncommon to see the words "CRAZY SALE" posted in shop windows. In fact, its uncommon if you don't see them. Hong Kong retailers love their sales. Everything for sale in this city seems to be forever attached to some sort of discount or promotion. New arrivals are typically marked down by 10% and sale racks are endless. Yesterday I entered a store where EVERYTHING was on sale and it seemed normal.

The discounts don't end with retail. Happy hour drinks go for about half the price of regular drinks AND happy hour is more like happy afternoon and evening, with most places boasting a 3-9 happy "hour." Very tricky.

Promotions and sales and discounts are great and all and I must admit, the selling strategy often works. Buying something for 40% off the already marked down price is fun. Honestly, though, all these mark downs are getting old and I'm beginning to see through them. Sales just aren't as fun when everything is on sale.

A story: I recently joined a gym for a very reasonable price and was awarded a free facial and full body massage for signing up. Yay, I love these Hong Kong deals! Not so fast. Yesterday as I was enjoying my free facial a woman came into the room and tried to bully me into buying a spa package. The nerve! She took advantage of my relaxed and happy state to sell me a HK$5000 massage/facial spa package. Talk about a buzz kill. I told her no but she wouldn't listen. She kept asking me why. I almost had to yell at her to shut up and leave me alone and no I don't want your stupid spa package. JESUSSsss.

Sales people here do not take no for an answer. From the spa lady to the people at the first gym I checked out to the people in the markets selling fakes. One man literally grabbed my arm when I walked away from a pair of shoes he was selling. No mean NO, bucko, so leave me alone. My feet are too damn big!

All this is not to say that the shopping here isn't great. It is. Minus the whole big shoe thing (I've been hard-pressed to find anything over size 8 and my feet are 9.5 or 10) Hong Kong is a shopping mecca offering everything you could ever dream of buying. Designer clothing? Got it. Dried and flayed lizard skin on a stick? Got it.

Needless to say, I have barely scratched the surface here.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Le Moment
55 Peel street, Soho Cental
3488 0733
Fantastic wine bar that also offers carefully chosen teas
and coffe. Owner Bobi Wong explained to me that the wines served here
cannot be found elsewhere in Hong Kong. Instead of peanuts they serve cheese with
wine. Helpful and enthusiastic staff of three. Proud of what they do
and serving the best in hard to find drinks. Nothing commercial. They serve
food as well: cheese plates, meat plates, and some seafood selections.

Drank Chateau Ollieux Romania: 2007 Corbieres. Perfection! Served a
bit chilled with 6 month aged Gruyere cheese. Paid for two glasses and
had a third on the house!

The best part of the night happened later, however, when the owner took me on a personal late night eating tour in the Temple Street area of my neighborhood, Tsim Sha Tsui. There is no better way of finding the best places to eat and drink than with an insider!

We hit up two different small Chinese restaurants. Dingy, no English, packed with hungry locals. At the first place Bobi ordered me a beef tendon, fish skin dumpling and noodle soup. SO GOOD. I was surprized with myself for loving it. Beef tendon is certainly something I would not order on my own.  After we finished we crossed the street and entered a restaurant similar to the first and ate shrimp wontons. Bobi advised me not to drink the broth they were served in because most places like that load their soup broths with MSG. However, Bobi told me, in case I ever happen to consume a lot of MSG I should drink milk. Apparently the milk combats the salt and prevents the body from absorbing it. Fair enough. After the wontons we drank herbal tea at a tea stand. The woman selling the tea asked us how we felt at the moment and told us to chose our teas according to that. Since I felt super full I asked for something cleansing. The vendor apparently thought I made a great choice and told Bobi she could sense a calmness within me... Finally, we ended up at a dim sum stand. I managed to gobble down some quail egg dumplings despite feeling over-stuffed. So worth it.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Think About This...

Read this the other day and I can't seem to get it out of my head:

"...Each man's destiny is as large as the world he inhabits and contains within it all opposites as well."
~Cormac McCarthy

On a lighter note: I've found Chamucos tequila in Hong Kong!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fire Dragon!

So. Much. Incense.  Also, a gigantic crowd. The parade's energy was intense and exciting. I don't know how I found my way to the front.

According to legend, the fire dragon parade commemorates a dragon of the past, which fought off a deadly plague that nearly wiped out the entire population of a village near current day Hong Kong. The parade is unique to Hong Kong.

Sorry about the blurriness in my photos. Its my camera. I swear.

See that man? He was doling out incense to the people carrying the 67-meter-long dragon.
Parade participant couldn't handle the smoke.
Apartment windows above the parade.
The Fire dragon. All those lights are sticks of incense. It smelled sooooo good.

Happy Mid Autumn Festival

I hit Victoria Park in Causeway Bay last night for the Mid-Autumn Lantern carnival. So pretty. The whole area was lit up in orange light. Local artists constructed big paper lanterns for the event, which were displayed throughout the carnival area. Families large and small were camped out on the grassy area behind the carnival grounds eating moon cakes and fruit and lighting candles. Each group's designated area was marked off by candles and/or glow sticks.

One major bummer: Neither lanterns nor moon cakes were on sale. I was planning on filling up on the little lotus-filled treats and buying lanterns for everyone i know. What the hell is that? In America lord knows vendors would have made up half the carnival crowd. They also didn't sell beer or food inside the carnival. I guess I will plan better next time...

Off to the Fire Dragon street parade tonight!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Greetings From Hong Hong

Hi, everyone and welcome! I've started this blog in hopes of relaying my experiences as a newcomer to Hong Kong (and Asia for that matter) to all of you who cannot be here with me and to those of you who seek to travel to new and different places. As an amateur explorer I am in this for the love of discovering new things, and little else.

Moving to this fast-paced and chaotic city from Massachusetts by way of New York city has provided my system with quite a jolt. Hong Kong sure ain't home. Nevertheless, its exciting here and I'm learning everyday. Stay tuned for more!

For now, some pictures:

Look! Chinese lanterns. These will be hung all over the city during the upcoming mid-autumn festival.
Also: A view of Hong Kong from the top of Victoria Peak.