Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day Off

After a long hiatus that was probably too long, hello again.

In the time since I last posted in October many things have happened. Many-a-splendid thing, indeed!

Justin and I moved from Kowloon to Hong Kong Island and I got a job and the weather got nice and I visited Macao and saw the Grand Prix and I went swimming in the South China Sea and saw The Flaming Lips and Gorillaz perform and, and, and there's just too much for me to write about.

I'm working at VERO, a Hong Kong chocolate company that has really delicious treats that I get to bring home and sneak all day! I started as a server at their lounge (which was a great learning experience) and moved to their new location at this fancy-pants mall to sell their stuff. They needed a native English speaker to talk to customers. Fine with me. Our store is a prime people-watching spot. So many amazingly dresses people. Haha, I  served a major Hong Kong celebrity and had no idea who she was. The girl I as working with was flippin out as I asked "name please?" to take her cake order. So silly.

I just moved to office work yesterday. As I said, they wanted me for my english. Now I am writing all brochures, catalouges, flyers, promotions, etc. Its fun! They told me to be cheeky. No problem.

Tra, la, la...

Our old View in Jordan