Wednesday, January 26, 2011


The other day I had a conversation with a friend here about Hong Kong's fashion scene and culture. We had just finished our first day at Hong Kong Fashion Week and were feeling a bit disappointed by what we saw. Our conversation let me feeling even more blue.

Basically, my friend, a native Hong Konger, said that Hong Kong people have very little fashion sense of their own. She explained that everyone in Hong Kong is a slave to big trends and exercise very little free will when it comes to dressing. I disagreed and pointed out that people here dress in extreme ways that people in the U.S., for example, would never dare to try. She came back with the point that when everyone dresses like this it looses its impact and appeal. I understood her point but still, I disagree.

I recently saw a straight guy wearing a long skirt and I swear it looked good on him. It suited him in a way that I never thought these male skirts and kilts that Marc Jacobs brought to the fashion world would. He made it seem natural.

A great number of men here sport purses. They, like the skirted man, look cool and stylish toting these  "feminine" looks.

Women here rock short, edgy haircuts like nobody's business and walk with ease through the streets in footwear that most couldn't dream of actually wearing.

I have caught on to a certain self-deprecating attitude in many locals here that I sensed in my friend when she spoke of Hong Kong and its fashion scene. She pitted fashion from the West against that of the East and explained that the West's is much more sophisticated and unique. Perhaps this is true, but whatever the case may be I think people here have much more courage when it comes to wearing the outrageous stuff than those back home. If this isn't indicative of a strong fashion culture, I'm not sure what is.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Me: "Excuse me, is that coat made of real leopard skin?"

Lady: "Um...yes. Please don't throw tomato juice on me."

I've Got a Golden Ticket

I didn't realize how cool it is to be a member of the press until yesterday. At first I was a bit timid about flashing my press badge to security guards and show coordinators for reasons I can't really explain. Perhaps it was because all the photographers and journalist happen to be very serious-looking older chinese men who look down on silly little "reporters" such as myself. Whatever the case, I put my fears aside yesterday and discovered the wonders of the Press Badge. Oh yes, and how splendid they are.

One show was particularly full and reserved for VIPs so I walked over to the photographers at the end of the runway, looked around for any suspicious people, found none and parked myself right in front.I prepared my camera (obviously trying to look as professional as possible)and got ready for the close up action. Needless to say, my seat at the show was unbeatable.

Soon after I was showing off my badge and semi-pro camera like nobody's business. "Press?" one girl asked. "Yeah," I replied, all to proud of myself. "Right this way," she replied. I got to the line!! She then told me about the press release cocktail party.

I was thinking of my beloved Hunter S. the entire time. Its no wonder he got himself into such trouble. Not that I got into any or that I even come close to his legendary status, but still.

Anyways, special shout out to Runway Passport and Liz. Thanks!

Monday, January 17, 2011

First Day

From Ika Butoni Show
Well, my first encounter with fashion shows was interesting to say the least. Many of yesterday's events and showing were buyer driven. This seems to be the case for Hong Kong as whole--it is a very business focused, consumer driven place. After spending several hours at Hong Kong's exhibition center yesterday and chatting with my friend there about  the general fashion and consumer culture here it became very, very clear. Hong Kong Fashion Week is also a Garmernt Trade fair (the second largest in the world), and it appears that the fair is the main focus point for most people who attend.

This isn't to say that I didn't enjoy myself yesterday because I did. The last show of the day was really wonderful. Hong Kong Fashion Extravaganza (how silly is that title?) featured a four designer line up, a very large crowd and a TON of media. The crowd was fun to watch--lots of "celebs" and well-dressed people.

Alex Wang
Of course, the show was much more fun to watch. Alex Wang and Doii were my favorites. Wang's stuff was minimalist with a hard edge and Doii's was feminine, colorful and flowery. Barney Cheung and Kieta Maruyama showed as well. Maruyama's show opened the Extravaganza. It was very Geisha inspired. White confetti spewed from the ceiling as the models walked down the catwalk and I felt like I was sitting under a cherry blossom tree or something.

One major downer: I am now officially sick and also have to miss a young designer contest tonight because of work. Grumble. Grumble.

Ika Butoni
Also, taking pictures at these shows is not easy! I walked away with only a small handful of good shots.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

As PromisedC

The dishes from the other night:)
Crab Meat and Prawn Start

Rack of Lamb and Yummy Lamb Dumpling Main

Grape Finish

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Love is in the Air

Last night the Hong Kong culinary team, which our very own Chef Koo is a part of, came to VERO last night to cook and critique a three-course meal they will serve at their next international competition in Perth. Tippity-top Hong Kong chefs and foodies came to our lounge and sat down to eat and discuss. The cool part is that we (meaning the lounge staff) got to partake in the eating! Chef Koo personally served us each of the three plated courses. Crab meat appetizer, rack of lamb main, grape pastry dessert. If I had a cool phone or camera on hand I would have snapped some pictures for you but I had neither at the time so you must use your imagination to picture the dishes. I am gonna try to upload some pictures from my friend's phone tomorrow if I can.

Newsflash: We are going to host a La Perla fashion show and cocktail party in February. Sexy.

Speaking of "sexy," the only two customers in the lounge right now are hardcore making out. How will we serve them the bill? More like "awkward."

Forgot to mention last time that Justin's parents came to town for New Years. We had a lovely time together and visited, amongst other things, Lantau Island and saw the biggest Buddha statue in the world. It was pretty cool...minus the fact that all tourist attractions are taken over and ruined by establishments like Starbucks and Subway. I can't wait to see how bad it is at the great wall.

View from the Cable Car

Mrs. S and I were pretty much terrified the whole ride.

Cool temple that we didn't get to go in since it was too late.

Dragon Detail

Mother and Son atop Victoria Peak

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I miss the U.S. Dollar

Sometimes, its hard to appreciate experience when you aren't paid enough money. REALLY hard. I realize that I am learning a ton of stuff that I wouldn't have learned had I remained in my beloved U.S. of A., but money matters and, quite honestly, I am not making enough of it. I understand that most people probably feel this way no matter how much money they make, but working in the States spoiled me and now without my 8 hour work days, good wages, time-and-a-half for overtime and holidays off its rather hard to feel good about the time I log in to work.

A Nepalese colleague of mine asked me why I came to Hong Kong to work when I could have found a job in America. Good question, right? He and his family have been trying for years to get working Visas in places like the UK and America and here I am, leaving arguably the best place on earth to earn a living for a place that, well, isn't. I know, I know, I didn't really come here "to work" exactly but his question certainly struck a cord. I felt so spoiled explaining to him that I came to Hong Kong for the "cultural experience" and that work came only as a second thought. Keep in mind that this (25-year-old) guy works over 17 hours a day, primarily to send money home to his family in Nepal and also to pay for his little sister's Visa.

Anyways, working in a foreign country has taught me this if nothing else: Working in the United States is 'effin great!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Another Night at VERO

So, I am at the Lounge again and now that the holidays are over things are pretty slow. I just read about the mysterious bird and fish deaths in the American South. SO FREAKY. The NY Times article on the matter quoted someone saying it was as if the sky was "raining birds." Ew.

Anything weird going on in other parts of the States?

I don't really have anything freaky to report on other than the fact that my dreams/random thoughts still foreshadow real life events. I recently thought about Winchester people and that I would probably run into someone from the homeland here in Hong Kong. Well, just a few hours later Mr. Mike Lynch walked by VERO Landmark and we had a funny little encounter (I called him Chris. My bad, so sorry MIKE).

Anyways, the countdown to 12/21/12 is on for real. You are all invited to my party.

For now, some "freaky" pictures I don't believe I have shown you yet.

Yes, this is the Elvis that makes regular trips up and down our street.

Not even really sure. Is this a regular occurence in all Asian ladies rooms? I stole this sticker from the back of a stall door at the Grand Prix.

Joey and Paul.
Oink. Oink.
Just remembered that I don't have a New Years Resolution.  Dieting is so over done. I just decided this very minute that I will improve my wardrobe and look like a real stylish lady instead of a transitioning college student. Let's tune in next year to see.

What are your resolutions? Please don't say "Losing 10 pounds."

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!

Hello, friends! Happy New Year.

I am sitting here at work in the empty VERO lounge with very little to do. No waitresses tonight. Ah, the joys of not having enough staff. My job here is totally random/exciting. I just helped to throw a giant New Years Eve bash (which, by the way, was a huge success). The whole time I just kept thinking: what am I doing here??? It was fun though. Everyone looked fabulous, the dj's were fun, and I drank a lot (a bit too much by Chinese standards, I'm sure). After we finished up at the party (cleaning up until 4 am...yuck) we ventured out into Central and found two German guys to hang out with. Both were about 40-years-old and I don't remember much about them, not even their names. They did buy us breakfast, however, and also laughed at all my jokes. Clearly, I liked them very much. Justin kept asking them about Nazis...

Sadly, I don't really have any pictures from that night. I am closing my eyes in the two Facebook pictures I made and though there are other pictures on a Hong Kong events website I promised that I wouldn't send them to people since they are rather unflattering. Use your imagination. Here's a hot one from the Hong Kong Dog Rescue lucky draw:

In other news, Hong Kong Fashion Week is fast approaching and I am SOooo excited to attend! My press badge is all set and my name is on a couple of invite lists! I was even invited to join my friend as a VIP at a hot new designer's show. Yippie!! Pictures will surely follow this update.