Wednesday, May 4, 2011


We have a small cockroach problem. Its quite scary. They creep around in the dark and are seriously large bugs. Justin did some research and discovered that they also tend to carry salmonella and other nasty stuff around. Our apartment is a tidy little place (so the problem really isn't our fault!) but we live one the first floor above a vacant space that was a restaurant just months ago. An exterminator came today and sprayed the place before things got ::BAD::

In other news, I am learning more cantonese! My vocabulary is pretty hilarious/random. It includes the words for garbage, garbage can, "thank you," "excuse me," troublesome, stupid, good morning, "you are", enough, toilet...I think that's it. Working on my numbers...and pronunciation. Everyone laughs at me when I try to say anything in Cantonese. I'm sure I sound ridiculous.

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