Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Greetings From Hong Hong

Hi, everyone and welcome! I've started this blog in hopes of relaying my experiences as a newcomer to Hong Kong (and Asia for that matter) to all of you who cannot be here with me and to those of you who seek to travel to new and different places. As an amateur explorer I am in this for the love of discovering new things, and little else.

Moving to this fast-paced and chaotic city from Massachusetts by way of New York city has provided my system with quite a jolt. Hong Kong sure ain't home. Nevertheless, its exciting here and I'm learning everyday. Stay tuned for more!

For now, some pictures:

Look! Chinese lanterns. These will be hung all over the city during the upcoming mid-autumn festival.
Also: A view of Hong Kong from the top of Victoria Peak.


  1. Hi Jackie! I am excited to see you blogging about your travels. You rock girl! Maybe we will visit you there sometime! I would love it. I will stay tuned to your blog. Auntie Deb

  2. LOVE the picture Chinese Lanterns! Keep it up!!

  3. LAYDAY! haha I don't know why but this line "Hong Kong sure ain't home." SUPER sounded like you. Post often! I"m excited for you!!!!!