Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Le Moment
55 Peel street, Soho Cental
3488 0733
Fantastic wine bar that also offers carefully chosen teas
and coffe. Owner Bobi Wong explained to me that the wines served here
cannot be found elsewhere in Hong Kong. Instead of peanuts they serve cheese with
wine. Helpful and enthusiastic staff of three. Proud of what they do
and serving the best in hard to find drinks. Nothing commercial. They serve
food as well: cheese plates, meat plates, and some seafood selections.

Drank Chateau Ollieux Romania: 2007 Corbieres. Perfection! Served a
bit chilled with 6 month aged Gruyere cheese. Paid for two glasses and
had a third on the house!

The best part of the night happened later, however, when the owner took me on a personal late night eating tour in the Temple Street area of my neighborhood, Tsim Sha Tsui. There is no better way of finding the best places to eat and drink than with an insider!

We hit up two different small Chinese restaurants. Dingy, no English, packed with hungry locals. At the first place Bobi ordered me a beef tendon, fish skin dumpling and noodle soup. SO GOOD. I was surprized with myself for loving it. Beef tendon is certainly something I would not order on my own.  After we finished we crossed the street and entered a restaurant similar to the first and ate shrimp wontons. Bobi advised me not to drink the broth they were served in because most places like that load their soup broths with MSG. However, Bobi told me, in case I ever happen to consume a lot of MSG I should drink milk. Apparently the milk combats the salt and prevents the body from absorbing it. Fair enough. After the wontons we drank herbal tea at a tea stand. The woman selling the tea asked us how we felt at the moment and told us to chose our teas according to that. Since I felt super full I asked for something cleansing. The vendor apparently thought I made a great choice and told Bobi she could sense a calmness within me... Finally, we ended up at a dim sum stand. I managed to gobble down some quail egg dumplings despite feeling over-stuffed. So worth it.

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