Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Mid Autumn Festival

I hit Victoria Park in Causeway Bay last night for the Mid-Autumn Lantern carnival. So pretty. The whole area was lit up in orange light. Local artists constructed big paper lanterns for the event, which were displayed throughout the carnival area. Families large and small were camped out on the grassy area behind the carnival grounds eating moon cakes and fruit and lighting candles. Each group's designated area was marked off by candles and/or glow sticks.

One major bummer: Neither lanterns nor moon cakes were on sale. I was planning on filling up on the little lotus-filled treats and buying lanterns for everyone i know. What the hell is that? In America lord knows vendors would have made up half the carnival crowd. They also didn't sell beer or food inside the carnival. I guess I will plan better next time...

Off to the Fire Dragon street parade tonight!

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