Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Love is in the Air

Last night the Hong Kong culinary team, which our very own Chef Koo is a part of, came to VERO last night to cook and critique a three-course meal they will serve at their next international competition in Perth. Tippity-top Hong Kong chefs and foodies came to our lounge and sat down to eat and discuss. The cool part is that we (meaning the lounge staff) got to partake in the eating! Chef Koo personally served us each of the three plated courses. Crab meat appetizer, rack of lamb main, grape pastry dessert. If I had a cool phone or camera on hand I would have snapped some pictures for you but I had neither at the time so you must use your imagination to picture the dishes. I am gonna try to upload some pictures from my friend's phone tomorrow if I can.

Newsflash: We are going to host a La Perla fashion show and cocktail party in February. Sexy.

Speaking of "sexy," the only two customers in the lounge right now are hardcore making out. How will we serve them the bill? More like "awkward."

Forgot to mention last time that Justin's parents came to town for New Years. We had a lovely time together and visited, amongst other things, Lantau Island and saw the biggest Buddha statue in the world. It was pretty cool...minus the fact that all tourist attractions are taken over and ruined by establishments like Starbucks and Subway. I can't wait to see how bad it is at the great wall.

View from the Cable Car

Mrs. S and I were pretty much terrified the whole ride.

Cool temple that we didn't get to go in since it was too late.

Dragon Detail

Mother and Son atop Victoria Peak

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