Thursday, January 6, 2011

I miss the U.S. Dollar

Sometimes, its hard to appreciate experience when you aren't paid enough money. REALLY hard. I realize that I am learning a ton of stuff that I wouldn't have learned had I remained in my beloved U.S. of A., but money matters and, quite honestly, I am not making enough of it. I understand that most people probably feel this way no matter how much money they make, but working in the States spoiled me and now without my 8 hour work days, good wages, time-and-a-half for overtime and holidays off its rather hard to feel good about the time I log in to work.

A Nepalese colleague of mine asked me why I came to Hong Kong to work when I could have found a job in America. Good question, right? He and his family have been trying for years to get working Visas in places like the UK and America and here I am, leaving arguably the best place on earth to earn a living for a place that, well, isn't. I know, I know, I didn't really come here "to work" exactly but his question certainly struck a cord. I felt so spoiled explaining to him that I came to Hong Kong for the "cultural experience" and that work came only as a second thought. Keep in mind that this (25-year-old) guy works over 17 hours a day, primarily to send money home to his family in Nepal and also to pay for his little sister's Visa.

Anyways, working in a foreign country has taught me this if nothing else: Working in the United States is 'effin great!

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