Monday, January 17, 2011

First Day

From Ika Butoni Show
Well, my first encounter with fashion shows was interesting to say the least. Many of yesterday's events and showing were buyer driven. This seems to be the case for Hong Kong as whole--it is a very business focused, consumer driven place. After spending several hours at Hong Kong's exhibition center yesterday and chatting with my friend there about  the general fashion and consumer culture here it became very, very clear. Hong Kong Fashion Week is also a Garmernt Trade fair (the second largest in the world), and it appears that the fair is the main focus point for most people who attend.

This isn't to say that I didn't enjoy myself yesterday because I did. The last show of the day was really wonderful. Hong Kong Fashion Extravaganza (how silly is that title?) featured a four designer line up, a very large crowd and a TON of media. The crowd was fun to watch--lots of "celebs" and well-dressed people.

Alex Wang
Of course, the show was much more fun to watch. Alex Wang and Doii were my favorites. Wang's stuff was minimalist with a hard edge and Doii's was feminine, colorful and flowery. Barney Cheung and Kieta Maruyama showed as well. Maruyama's show opened the Extravaganza. It was very Geisha inspired. White confetti spewed from the ceiling as the models walked down the catwalk and I felt like I was sitting under a cherry blossom tree or something.

One major downer: I am now officially sick and also have to miss a young designer contest tonight because of work. Grumble. Grumble.

Ika Butoni
Also, taking pictures at these shows is not easy! I walked away with only a small handful of good shots.

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