Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Another Night at VERO

So, I am at the Lounge again and now that the holidays are over things are pretty slow. I just read about the mysterious bird and fish deaths in the American South. SO FREAKY. The NY Times article on the matter quoted someone saying it was as if the sky was "raining birds." Ew.

Anything weird going on in other parts of the States?

I don't really have anything freaky to report on other than the fact that my dreams/random thoughts still foreshadow real life events. I recently thought about Winchester people and that I would probably run into someone from the homeland here in Hong Kong. Well, just a few hours later Mr. Mike Lynch walked by VERO Landmark and we had a funny little encounter (I called him Chris. My bad, so sorry MIKE).

Anyways, the countdown to 12/21/12 is on for real. You are all invited to my party.

For now, some "freaky" pictures I don't believe I have shown you yet.

Yes, this is the Elvis that makes regular trips up and down our street.

Not even really sure. Is this a regular occurence in all Asian ladies rooms? I stole this sticker from the back of a stall door at the Grand Prix.

Joey and Paul.
Oink. Oink.
Just remembered that I don't have a New Years Resolution.  Dieting is so over done. I just decided this very minute that I will improve my wardrobe and look like a real stylish lady instead of a transitioning college student. Let's tune in next year to see.

What are your resolutions? Please don't say "Losing 10 pounds."

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  1. 1. watch the news
    2. stop playing with my hair
    3. be more active (better than saying working out or exercising by my standards)